Harold Shelton, III Interview


PART 1: The Power of Family Lineage: The Strong, Empowered, & Classy Project highlights the people that know how to surpass boundaries and live happily despite life’s major woes. In this episode, Kristen Hayman (@MsJaneThang) sits down with Harold Shelton, III (@Town1212) as he shares how Strength, Empowerment and Class has taken a role within his journey […]

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DoNskI Entertainment’s 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY

DoNskI Entertainment

“It’s your favorite entertainer! DoNskI! I’m in the building! Life ain’t nothing but a party!…I represent the Chi and I role with an army!” DoNskI blazes the stage with catchy rap lyrics that perfectly sums up his powerful brand in front of a crowd that truly loves him and supports his accomplishments. On Sunday, August […]

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She’s Gotta Show S3: The Director’s Cut

She's Gotta Show

#ThroughThatJaneThangLens Part 1: To open up season 3, AINIOM’s Akisha Lockhart introduces the fans/supporters to the ladies that make She’s Gotta Show happen. What a shoot. All of the powerful women from behind the scenes took a seat upfront and talked about their contributions to the show, including me. Special shout out to Jonathan Gandy […]

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#UpgradingMyself: Becoming One With God


#UpgradingMyself: Becoming One With God “Excuse me miss?”, I hear a man cry out as I was strutting and giving life on the sidewalk this morning as I headed into work. I turn my head towards the street to see who’s calling me and I see a beautiful young white man with a golden tan, […]

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Go see the film, DOPE!


So I finally saw the movie, ‪DOPE! I know…I’m so late but AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Where do I start??! Stop reading this if you haven’t seen it yet! Just go watch it!!! That movie was just delicious. I mean it actually tasted good. It was almost more satisfying than the salty-sweetness from eating buttered popcorn with chocolate […]

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Detroit: The New Belle Isle


Detroit, I love you. I got to experience the new Belle Isle. I like what I saw. In a way I missed the strip of loud music and hard bass blasting out of cars and rumbling motorcycle gangs hanging out in the parking spaces that traced throughout the island. The loud marijuana lingering in the […]

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#UpgradingMyself: My Trip to Montreal

Trip to Montreal

#UpgradingMyself: My Trip To Montreal Montreal, the largest city in Quebec, Canada,  really showed me a good time! I got to live in ‪#abundance throughout the awesome nightlife streets, among some of the most beautiful French-speaking people I’ve ever seen. I got to see ‪Drake grace the stage in his home country, along with Future, who I almost got on […]

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Panelist for Whitney Young High School & YAB’s Spark Conference

YAB Spark Conference at Whitney Young High School

I had a wonderful time last weekend speaking on a panel with these powerful women for Whitney Young High School and Young Ambitious & Beautiful’s Spark conference. What a beautiful high school! I was really impressed by the strength, empowerment, and class of the young women in attendance. I can really tell they will be forces to […]

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She’s Gotta Show S2: DJ TIMBUCK2 Interview


#ThroughThatJaneThangLens Part 1: AINIOM’s Akisha Lockhart interviews DJ Timbuck2 for her talk show, She’s Gotta Show! In this episode, Heavy Hitter Timbuck2 from Chicago’s #1 Hip Hop and R&B radio station, 107.5 WGCI, speaks openly about the art of being a disk jockey and his background in the industry. He also shares a few tips on how not to annoy […]

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Empire Album Signing Event – Chicago


Yesterday Empire on Fox stars Bryshere “Yazz the Greatest” Gray and Jussie Smollett came to Chicago for their Empire album signing event at the Harold Washington Cultural Center and my friend @artistry11 and me went on down there! Lol It was fun! There were a lot of young and older people screaming and hollering! Yazz & Jussie performed a […]

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