Poem Dedicated to Lee Thompson Young, RIP

Lee Thompson Young
Lee Thompson Young

“No one wants to talk about the serious human issues like depression, anxiety, stress and dealing with social pressure because it’s too sad and uncool to talk about. We rather carry on smiling, masking our pain, overspending and frowning upon anyone ready to bring you down with some serious discussion about what you are really trying to hide; suppressing inside…No, we like to let the poets, singers and musicians tell our true story. Turn the lights off, curtains closed and single candle lit and tackle our pain all by ourselves. We convince our minds that working it out with God doesn’t take going to church as if fellowshipping with other imperfect souls make it worst. When we come out of hiding we don’t want eyes of judgement or even company for our misery cause we don’t want to be known for that struggle. We want to be known for our best attributes and that’s a good thing so we tell that one person that swears they have a message for us in public to hush, ridicule them and shun them. We don’t want to hear that positive heartfelt talk that initially feels uncomfortable and negative but we should. Someone definitely should break this cycle and help strengthen the minds, the hearts, and the gentle spirits that even the strongest beings possess.” -JaneThangPoetry

I’m so sorry to hear of this beautiful black talented actor’s death. They say it was a suicide. He was only 29. All we have now are his re-runs and his smile. Rest In Peace Lee Thompson Young. This is tragic!

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