Eat. Drink. GROOVE. with Shanara The MouthPeace

On Thursday, January 16th, My friend Nana and I took a ride down to Wicker Park yearning for our souls to be spoken to in a poetic way. At Jerry’s, (1938 W. Division) a place where Spoon Chandeliers hang and delicious sandwiches are made, a stage in the second room was lit on fire by the Illa 100 Band and of course The M-O-U-T-H-P-E-A-C-E. The Illa 100 Band included vocalist Robiar who set the atmosphere during sound check with her beautiful range and free style flow; with A.T. Jones on the keys,  and the lyricist percussionist, Lyghtskin, the room was filled with raw talent. That night I went, my week had been stressful. I was in need of a therapeutic experience that not only nudged on my problems but uplifted me to carry on even stronger. I got that as I swayed to beat and sang along to the catchy tunes. There was even a live painting during the performance by Adrienne Powers. I loved it! The MouthPeace even sang a song the wasn’t on her album and I promise it spoke to me the most! Hurry and record that song woman!! I want to buy it now!! lol I’m all about these type of events filled with jam sessions, storytelling, music, art, food and drinks! Yes! Don’t miss the next one!  The Eat. Drink. Groove. will be having another set tonight at 10pm! Go check it out, have a drink, order some food, and groove to the music with some awesome people. Here are just a few pictures that I captured from the night! Video coming soon! 🙂