What’s Your Mission? Community All Call – Lupe Fiasco Foundation

On Monday, September 29, 2014, I caught a cab straight out of work to get to the Jacob Carruthers Center for Inner City to attend the Lupe Fiasco Foundation’s “What’s Your Mission?” Community All Call event. I came hungry for inspiration and a message; even a sign that could keep me empowered over my own mission for Jane Thang Productions, LLC.  My great friend Courtney Griffin of Y.A.B. and #SECproject highlight, came out as well! We were both proudly rocking our “I Am Strong, Empowered, & Classy” t-shirts as we walked into the auditorium full of beautiful people speaking passionately about their organizations, missions, and goals. There were some powerful men and women in the room. I was very excited to sit among them all. Ayesha Jaco, executive director of the Lupe Fiasco Foundation, hosted the discussion and gave such a personal and loving introduction for the speaker that when he walked up, he had to take a moment before speaking to wipe away his tears. Ayesha recalled her and Lupe Fiasco himself being able to call on and look up to Kwesi Ronald Harris, the Lupe Fiasco Foundation’s Mission Ambassador, as a father figure. When he started to speak, I found out why. He stood as a strong black man with incredible energy that caused my mind to focus in on his every word. He dropped so many gems when it comes to being in business to help your community. He highlighted the idea of while working to build a successful organization, it has to be less about me, the individual and more about the mission, which will impact the community. My favorite part of his speech was listening to his story called, “The Truth & The Lie”. I received so much out of it as I let my mind visualize his words. You can find the full video of the story and more about this event here.