The Company


Jane Thang Productions, LLC is an entertainment company that produces original plays, film, poetry, photography, live events, and shows that establish strong views on normal life situations; showcasing passionate perspectives of life’s many joys and sorrows and gives our viewers examples of how to stay strong, empowered and surpass it all with class.

Jane Thang Productions, LLC’s mission is to tell stories and produce projects that promote a lifestyle exuding strength, empowerment and class in hopes of someday creating a True Blue Effect.

The Founder

jane“Hello World! My name is Kristen Hayman and I officially created Jane Thang Productions, LLC in February/2009. My company was created because I truly love stories! I love to hear, watch and tell stories. I believe stories can heal, enlighten, inspire and persuade. Stories are powerful and I want to use the art of storytelling to help make a positive impact on society. I named my company Jane Thang because of my middle name, Jane, that I share with my grandmother, who has influenced each of her offspring and anyone she encounters with her natural sense of strength, empowerment, and class. Her pure demeanor and ability to recall many stories about her life has played a huge role in the way I dream and operate. I want to make the world move, cry, dance, laugh, smile, and think. Feel my heartbeat as I pound out this journey towards making a difference and understand that my Faith in God has helped me to surpass my own challenges. “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” If I could advise you to do one thing as you face life head on, it would be to always remember to stay inspired! Inspiration can make you move, so MOVE!” -@MsJaneThang

True Blue Effects

A True Blue Effect is a movement representing how originality, hard work and perseverance can keep souls freely living and loving life beyond a recessions’ defeating pressures. Blue is a calm and cool color tone that soothes the mind and body and it also comes in many shades. Whether you prefer navy, sapphire, baby blue, or powder, a tint of blue can always be appreciated. As the sad shades brighten up to free spirit shades, individuals reach epiphanies every day. When life presents new meaning, and the shadows of chaos have faded and the communities start to surpass, a True Blue Effect has been made. This company not only longs to be a great success but it also longs for the world to be more unified and happy.

Visit our Jane Thang Gives Back page to see how we are working to make a True Blue Effect in our local communities.