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The Way We Disrupt Ourselves

Words are like a work of art.

Disrupt the folly discourse. 

I can’t pretend. I’ve been left behind again. 


My spirit is too great to be broken though. 

I’m moving on.

Bet you thought I’d pause this time. 


I didn’t survive my pass to allow myself to get tripped up here. 

Not here. Not with you. 

God is too good to let you keep me down.

I was hurt and completely drained.

I changed my mind.

I cheaply perform lower performance and provide a single delight.

I disrupt your highly costly, superior performance with multiple attributes that make me tingle,

and move northeast towards the sun.

Towards greatness.

Maturity. disrupt


I’m a muthfudgin’ business.

This process is mine for the taking. 

You can not have my joy. 

Can you relate to this?

Don’t stop smiling, Kristen.

Can’t stop smiling, Kristen.

Keep smiling.

You got this. 

Always Remember to Stay Inspired! – @MsJaneThang

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