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Are the people with the raw talent just not hungry enough or are they just so raw with life, that they can’t move? Delicate enough to feel and talented enough to translate the secrets of the mind and soul. Though everyone can relate, they not trying to hear us often. So darn real, I’ll make […]

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What are the Answers?


What is this world full of turmoil and discontent? Where do we find peace? How can we transcend the confusion into a vision so clear a bird can fly through it as if it’s an open window? Why is it so hard to find true comfort within the arms of reality? Why are dreams so […]

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There is Hope for the Future!


How does it feel to break loose of the shackles that trap your mind with the horrid influences of reality and fantasy? How do you overcome the day dreams and develop a more realistic environment within yourself? How do you let go of this thing that has stolen your thoughts and ruptured your goals? How […]

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Psalms 23


Even at my darkest hour Even when my mind is spent Even when I’m among wild friends and we are having an outrageous time Even when a chick is serving as a trifling friend, trying to tell me who I am Even when subconscious jealousy is surrounding me Even when I can feel the hate […]

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Don’t Shut Me Up


Speaking up could mean so much When what you have inside can not be touched A spirit so tough Their lies, their pride… It just isn’t enough. To hold my tongue until my thoughts dwindle Can not be For my tongue does not hold the power of my thoughts My spirit drives me The Lord […]

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I Believe


It’s so funny, this life one minute you think you’ve got it all figured out and then reality sets in and re-scrambles all the potential consequences with all the potential causes and delegates your mind as it wonders profusely trying to compose the perfect route to take as we attempt to map out this journey […]

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Trapped in the dark Moods switched around Too much wisdom choking me Half to death But I can’t let this Defeat me Come get me Lord please just come get me Vision in my head Yet no map Yes Yes im stressed Cause I can’t seem to get what I thought I scene On the […]

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Blowing Air into My Dreams


Blowing air into my dreams I’m not a singer, nor a rapper Not an actor, not even a performer But I have a story A story too important to go unshared In a room left alone The spotlight’s left for me So the vessels I call my own Are here to help you see I […]

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The pressure to express… To have so much to say and say nothing Doesn’t it make you feel worthless? To dream so big and never attempt to take action Don’t you feel purposely? To try and try only to end up crying Doesn’t it feel like a force is stopping you? To act and still […]

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The Lens of the World Won’t Matter

So many secrets are out the bag Conniving friends are walking away mad money made money lost but can we will still cut the cost meaningless words of trivial vindictiveness coming from your body the language is spiteful I’ll be alright though Call me up, I’ll still be there Foolish of me, it may seem […]

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