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Don’t Shut Me Up

Speaking up could mean so much
When what you have inside can not be touched
A spirit so tough
Their lies, their pride…
It just isn’t enough.
To hold my tongue until my thoughts dwindle
Can not be
For my tongue does not hold the power of my thoughts
My spirit drives me
The Lord drives my spirit
Now really? Who could match me?
Anything that could go wrong has and will
Though I hold on to God Still
For letting my anchor down has kept me steadfast
Through these strong winds of friendly pretends and foey friends.
Until we make amends
I will survive and still be kind, for my heart forgives.
But back to the gift that has been bestowed upon me,
The gift that caused the ugly face of jealousy to arise
The one that made you cross me in front of my eyes
The one that made you shut me up before I could finish my sentence
The realness that slapped your falseness in the face
The one that made you feel like a disgrace
Yes this gift I have makes you so mad
Even knowing this gift I have should make you glad
For this gift speaks truth, love and wisdom
For this gift sings uplifting praises
For this gift has visions of surpassing
Don’t try to shut me up
Because even with a sliced tongue my fingers work
My mind is roaming and my heart is singing
You can hear it from me, just listen
You can see it through me, just look into my eyes
You can smell it on me, just take a waif
I love you
Quit trying to shut me up
For what I have to say may be what you need to hear
For what I have to say or do might help you
to help me
to help yourself
to help the world
to fulfill a purpose that is bigger than you or I

Speaking up could mean so much
When what you have inside can not be touched…
Most think of me as quiet
Yes I am
I am a listener
I am an observer
I watch, I listen, I learn
Soaking in all this worldly knowledge
And sitting on all this Spiritual kindness
has my body rocking back and forth

For this world must be told
Life ain’t as easy as it should be
for we can’t do as we are told
And that’s to live under God’s commandments until we are more than old

Human nature has us faltered
So our future has be altered
While we fall into these trances
Christ has given us several chances

We Need a Change
So when folks like Obama wants to hand out opportunities
Don’t allow fear of some genius plan that might work
kill us all from Changing for the Better
When there is a blessing in the midst
Don’t taint it

Stand Tall and Brave
and Thank the Lord
Because We Are Going To Make It

I have something Special,
I believe Obama does too,
I believe a lot of people do,
Give us a chance,


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