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Are the people with the raw talent just not hungry enough or are they just so raw with life, that they can’t move? Delicate enough to feel and talented enough to translate the secrets of the mind and soul. Though everyone can relate, they not trying to hear us often. So darn real, I’ll make […]

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The More Understanding Me


The More Understanding Me I don’t worry about things anymore like I use to. I live life different. I love different and I see the world in a different way… No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I realized that no one owes me a thing. I find myself brushing things off like dust. I […]

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Poem Dedicated to Lee Thompson Young, RIP

Lee Thompson Young

“No one wants to talk about the serious human issues like depression, anxiety, stress and dealing with social pressure because it’s too sad and uncool to talk about. We rather carry on smiling, masking our pain, overspending and frowning upon anyone ready to bring you down with some serious discussion about what you are really […]

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Just Quit it Already

Just Quit it Already

Just Quit it Already Quit crying over mess…. it’s not worth it. Quit letting people walk all over you with their lies…..don’t believe it. Quit shouting to that man who won’t listen…he can’t hear you! Quit worrying about others and worry about yourself… mind your business! Quit acting like you like him when you don’t…he […]

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Make My Phone RING!!!


You pride yourself on making me smile Just to see you make my face light up for a while To see me hopeless under your spell Oh how you think you know me so well Can’t help but feel something for me But you just can’t tell Is it love or a lustful thirst? Man […]

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Fuzzy Image


Let’s take a look Love just seems so far at this moment. No signs of potential and no signs of change. Where is love without settling? But in my mind this fuzzy image of a future with great potential. I see this man that is capable of treating me with the most respect. He is […]

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It Happens


Seeing what we could have had made me envious, But I was beginning to become blind to the reason we didn’t work in the first place. The truth…The truth… It took time for me to come to terms with it. In my eyes I deserved to be treated like a queen. I was not to […]

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Romance Me Love


Romance me love Treat me like a flower no dandelion, or weed but like a rose to keep my sweet scent take care of me Romance me love surprise me with a horse and carriage no banter about what’s corny I like sappy, over-done and mushy in your fearlessness show me dedication Romance me love […]

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What are the Answers?


What is this world full of turmoil and discontent? Where do we find peace? How can we transcend the confusion into a vision so clear a bird can fly through it as if it’s an open window? Why is it so hard to find true comfort within the arms of reality? Why are dreams so […]

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There is Hope for the Future!


How does it feel to break loose of the shackles that trap your mind with the horrid influences of reality and fantasy? How do you overcome the day dreams and develop a more realistic environment within yourself? How do you let go of this thing that has stolen your thoughts and ruptured your goals? How […]

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