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Romance Me Love

Romance me love
Treat me like a flower
no dandelion, or weed
but like a rose
to keep my sweet scent
take care of me

Romance me love
surprise me with a horse and carriage
no banter about what’s corny
I like sappy, over-done and mushy
in your fearlessness
show me dedication

Romance me love
show me the kind of affection you showed me in the beginning
no getting too comfortable
to prevent me from wandering
pay attention

Romance me love
be my friend
no confining our passion to cute pictures and appearances
laugh at my jokes
catch the small details

Romance me love
don’t be stupid
no playing dumb
be aware that you have my heart
your use of all that privilege

Romance me love
take me by the hand
let me know that I am your woman
and you be my man
we are both royalty so money doesn’t phase us
our ambition keeps us living
but our loyalty is what pays us
Romance me love.


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