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Rhonda Coleman Interview

PART 1: Power of Switching Careers:

The Strong, Empowered, & Classy Project highlights the people that know how to surpass boundaries and live happily despite life’s major woes. In this episode, Kristen Hayman (@MsJaneThang) sits down with Rhonda Coleman, a lawyer from Memphis, Tennessee that currently resides in Chicago, Illinois, as she shares how Strength, Empowerment and Class has taken a role within her journey through life. In this two part episode, we discuss a range of topics that include the Power of Switching Careers and Starting a New Life, Education, Adoption, The Power of Knowledge, Law School, Taking Risk, Attracting Opportunities, and Following the Pull to Move Forward.

PART 2: The Power of Knowledge & Moving Forward:

Special Thanks to Our Guest:
Rhonda Coleman

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Rhonda Coleman

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