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 #JTPYABDetroit Coverage:

"After 5" #JTPYABDetroit Press
“After 5” #JTPYABDetroit Press
"BLAC Magazine" #JTPYABDetroit Press
“BLAC Magazine” #JTPYABDetroit Press
"The World is Ours" #JTPYABDetroit Press
“The World is Ours” #JTPYABDetroit Press
"Hour Detroit" #JTPYABDetroit Press
“Hour Detroit” #JTPYABDetroit Press

[divider]Audio: Strong and Feminine: How to Be Both 

The Peaceful Poetic Place, Blog Talk Radio

Kristen Hayman of Jane Thang Productions and Lauren Bealore of Y.A.B. talk with Natasha “Beautiful Thought” Anee on the show topic: Strong and Feminine: How To Be Both, as they promote their collaborative event, “How Young Ambitious & Beautiful Women Maintain Their Strength Empowerment & Class” that will be held, Friday, Dec 13th at In The Black Suites. #JTPYABDetroit




@MsJaneThang Coverage chose @MsJaneThang to be featured as Artist of the Week from April, 29th, 2013 to May 5th, 2013! Get to know @MsJaneThang as she talks about the Strong, Empowered, & Classy Project and more! Later, features @MsJaneThang in the AINIOM Beauty Edition after participating in a makeup session with the talented makeup artist, Nicky Horne.

"AINIOM" Artist of the Week
“AINIOM” Artist of the Week: Ms Jane Thang
makeup session
Make Up Session with AINIOM’s Nicky Horne
makeup session
Make Up Session with AINIOM’s Nicky Horne



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