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#UpgradingMyself: Becoming One With God


#UpgradingMyself: Becoming One With God “Excuse me miss?”, I hear a man cry out as I was strutting and giving life on the sidewalk this morning as I headed into work. I turn my head towards the street to see who’s calling me and I see a beautiful young white man with a golden tan, […]

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#UpgradingMyself: My Trip to Montreal

Trip to Montreal

#UpgradingMyself: My Trip To Montreal Montreal, the largest city in Quebec, Canada,  really showed me a good time! I got to live in ‪#abundance throughout the awesome nightlife streets, among some of the most beautiful French-speaking people I’ve ever seen. I got to see ‪Drake grace the stage in his home country, along with Future, who I almost got on […]

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#UpgradingMyself: My New Car

#UpgradingMyself:New Car

#‎UpgradingMyself‬: My New Car Cavi and I have been through so much. She was my first car. The one I saved up for all summer working as a hostess at Nikola’s restaurant and babysitting at a daycare. I wanted to drive back to school for my sophomore year of college at MSU. I had a vision […]

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#UpgradingMyself: My Planner


#UpgradingMyself: Planner #UpgradingMyself: There is nothing better than writing your plans down. People tell me all the time that my phone has a calendar but as soon as I bought this thing, I started filling it up. I seemed to obtain more business to take care of as I got more organized and focused. I […]

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#UpgradingMyself: My Most Natural State


#UpgradingMyself: My Most Natural State This is my hair in it’s most natural state! It’s feels like a soft cloud or a light pillow. COOOL right?! LOL I never see it like this. My usual routine is to wash, condition, then twist! Not today! @tarenguy ‘s “PERFECT Hair?… For What??” Video inspired me to stop […]

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#UpgradingMyself: Taking Control

natural hair

#UpgradingMyself: Taking Control I was getting a little scissor happy the other night while trimming my ends but I must of cut off most of the knots like I’m supposed to because my hair felt so soft this morning. Most of it had shrunk in a really low fro. It was so low, I thought […]

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#UpgradingMyself: Smoothie in a Jar


#UpgradingMyself: Smoothie in a Jar I finally bought my jars!!! I even found one with a handle on it at Michaels. I’m excited to make a huge amount of smoothies just to preserve them in my jars for the week. I’m with all of you hip and healthy smoothie, juicing folks now!! lol The recipe used in […]

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#UpgradingMyself: Finding My Smile


#UpgradingMyself: Finding My Smile When life got worthwhile again, no longer counting tile and wondering why no new news has come in when hibernation season ended and the crust from my eyes got wiped away with the hot shower and the sweet aroma of lavender cranberry and cherry blossom. Consume me with the joys of the […]

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#UpgradingMyself: I Am Strong, Empowered, & Classy

I Am Strong, Empowered, & Classy

#‎UpgradingMyself‬: I am Strong, Empowered, & Classy! I’m strong because my abs hurt from the abs challenge and my arm muscles are sore from doing more push-ups than I’ve ever done in my whole life last month. I’m empowered over my finances because I actually sat down and made a plan towards becoming debt free. […]

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#UpgradingMyself: Embracing

#UpgradingMyself: Embracing my quiet nature and my Virgo traits. No longer limping on the broken limb of old insecurities. I don’t fret over the consequences of coming off as a stuck up know it all or even out of touch. Finally acknowledging my natural stardom and correcting people when they’re wrong even if they don’t […]

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