#UpgradingMyself: Smoothie in a Jar


#UpgradingMyself: Smoothie in a Jar

I finally bought my jars!!! I even found one with a handle on it at Michaels. I’m excited to make a huge amount of smoothies just to preserve them in my jars for the week. I’m with all of you hip and healthy smoothie, juicing folks now!! lol The recipe used in this picture isn’t as fancy as others I’ve tried but it is one of my favorites! It goes as follows:

2 Fuji Apples

1 Banana

8-10 whole Strawberries

1 Kiwi

1/2 lemon

It’s something awesome about drinking out of a glass jar. It reminds me of when I used to watch my daddy cut the grass at the house I grew up in on the west side of Detroit. The smell of freshly trimmed grass, bees buzzing around, flowers starting to bloom, riding my bike and playing tag with my sister and neighborhood friends, my mom talking on the phone while the food cooks with the hot summer sun beaming over us. My daddy used to drink ice cold water out of whatever he could find first. There’s nothing more refreshing than drinking ice cold water out of a glass mason jar. Now I’m drinking smoothies and getting my healthy kick on! Next, I have to get a real juicer so I can be about that juicing life. lol Baby steps!


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