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Rest In Peace Sweet Angel, Karyn Washington

Karyn Washington
Karyn Washington
Photo Taken by Persnickety Photography

I am heart-broken to hear we lost an angel, Karyn Washington, founder of For Brown Girls and one of our highlights in the Strong, Empowered, & Classy Project. She was such a powerful young woman bearing so much pain. Keep her family, close friends, and all she touched through her work towards celebrating darker skin complexions and combating colorism, in your prayers. She helped to spread so much …positivity and love. Our hearts are truly heavy. Rest in peace sweet angel. I am thankful for the story you shared with us while you were at your best. I wish we could have done more. We are taking your death as a charge for us to do more. We have to go beyond social media status updates, blog posts, instagram memes and tweets. We all have to uplift the people we can see in person. Love on each other with kisses and hugs! SMILE! Give each other compliments. Be positive! Don’t be afraid to pray out loud! We need boldness! Our youth are dying before their time. No one should ever feel alone. We all struggle. We can relate. Humble yourself and reach somebody with your own stories of struggle and triumph or simply survival. Push them to get up and out of that dark space. Be a blessing and not a curse. I pray that I can do better and I pray that we all can do better.  God Bless your soul Karyn Washington. Rest in Peace. – Kristen Hayman (MsJaneThang)


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