Jane Thang Gives Back

Jane Thang Gives Back is an initiative that is very important to Jane Thang Productions, LLC. Here is a list of some of the projects that our founder, Kristen Hayman (@MsJaneThang) has been honored to be apart of in her efforts to produce a True Blue Effect through community service and public speaking.

December 16, 2015 – Columbia Links

Kristen Hayman (@MsJaneThang) presents a 45 minute presentation on going after your dreams and passions to the Fall/Winter 2015-16 Columbia Links’ high school students. The topic, “Follow Your Passion And The Rest Will Follow” included the three hashtags that @MsJaneThang values the most, #UpgradingMyself, #BeBold, and #DreamersWin.

Jane Thang Gives Back - Speak HOPESeptember 6, 2015 – Hope In The Hood Back 2 School Event!!

Kristen Hayman (@MsJaneThang) volunteered as an event photographer for Speak HOPE‘s Hope In The Hood: Back 2 School Event where they provided over 100 students with FREE backpacks & school supplies  for the upcoming school year.





May 30, 2015 – Whitney Young High School

Kristen Hayman (@MsJaneThang) speaks on a panel alongside other powerful professional women to speak to female Whitney Young high school students at Y.A.B.‘s Spark!, a one day conference, themed: “You HAVE To SEE IT to BELIEVE IT!”.

YAB Spark Conference at Whitney Young High School