#UpgradingMyself: Finding My Smile

#UpgradingMyself: Finding My Smile

When life got worthwhile again, no longer counting tile and wondering why no new news has come in when hibernation season ended and the crust from my eyes got wiped away with the hot shower and the sweet aroma of lavender cranberry and cherry blossom. Consume me with the joys of the lovely things. Free from the cold cuts and struggle me Bologna joints and finally neglected by the phony types. Alright nawwww! When spring decides to kiss my lips with warm air and tulips lift out the soil, brightening my soul with it’s vibrancy…How dare I hold in my smile. Ahhhhhh give me spring time baby! Let’s smile it into existence. Formulate your mind to visualize the signs of peace, happiness and freedom. Love more! Eat what you want! Enjoy the positive vibrations and let go of the sad. SMILE! Be joyful in your own delight! You’ve got what it takes to continue the fight…for your PEACE, HAPPINESS and FREEDOM. Just act like you know! 🙂



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