The S.E.C. Project

Red line “L” Performers

“My favorite Chicago Red Line “L” Performers!! They were singing some Motown hits last night and had us feeling good, singing, laughing and having fun while waiting on the next train! As soon as you walk down the subway stairs, the music and their harmonious voices just take you in and you can’t deny the feeling of paying for such a pleasure. Who knows their story and who really cares? They are talented artist with beautiful voices who were graciously accepting donations by all who passed by with a smile and a special tune. If these singers are not showing us some sense of #Empowerment along with entertainment, I don’t know what is! #Inspired!” – @MsJaneThang (08/18/2012)'

@MsJaneThang is actually Kristen Hayman, the founder of Jane Thang Productions, LLC. She is a Strong, Empowered & Classy young woman that writes poetry and stories that speak to the heart.

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