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Fuzzy Image

Let’s take a look

Love just seems so far at this moment.
No signs of potential and no signs of change.
Where is love without settling?
But in my mind this fuzzy image of a future with great potential.
I see this man that is capable of treating me with the most respect.
He is intelligent and knows that all he needs is a strong woman by his side.
With his strong mannerism and huge personality that matches my sweet soft personality.
Never settling for less because he knows exactly why I’m here.
Continuous compliments rather than insults.
He enjoys every quiet moment and laughter with cute gestures and in sink connections.
This man knows how to balance work and a relationship realizing that I am here to support and motivate and not to distract and manipulate.
I see the good in you and its all love at the end of the day.
I want to be a part of the journey you live in your mind. He makes me apart of his life.
Not putting everything before me but making me apart of the moves.
Reaching goals together.
Wow a connection we share like I’ve never seen before.
Mere eye contact met and there is great understanding.
Some how you know what I’m thinking and I know what you’re thinking.
Aftermath conversations discussing things other folks wouldn’t understand.
Revealing that this connection we had means so much more.
But not all this will come to reality.
Fuzzy moments keep me motivated.
To know that at some part of this journey, Love like no other will come and never be forced.
I don’t sit around and wait for him to show up because I know he’s handling his business right now and so am I.
When the paths are finally crossed it will be better than imagined.


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