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Make My Phone RING!!!

You pride yourself on making me smile
Just to see you make my face light up for a while
To see me hopeless under your spell
Oh how you think you know me so well
Can’t help but feel something for me
But you just can’t tell
Is it love or a lustful thirst?
Man I swear you like leaving me feeling like my hearts going to burst

As I sit here alone
Listening to my favorite songs
Letting that smooth, heart felt melody
Collide with my heart beats pound
Letting the lyrics take over
Overwhelming my body
Causing it to shiver so coldly
Emotions overflowing, discomforting me
Can’t help thinking, how hard I’m missing you
Only the warmth of your caring voice
Can bring me back into a calming place
Baby just call

I stare at my cell phone
Wondering what’s going on
Just making things happen is supposed to be your thing
And you can’t even make my phone ring
I’m missing you fool
Can’t you feel it in the air?
I’m falling for you, dummy
Can’t you sense that?
I’m laying hear yearning for your voice
To tickle my ear, and nothing else
But you can’t handle that, can you?
To not be physical, but just share a spiritual bond
Seems to be just too much for you

I’m not necessarily looking for a commitment right now
Matter a fact, I’m not really sure
How do I want you to react to me?
If I don’t want to be trapped in a relationship
That I already know won’t really go any where
What can I expect from you
While I’m still lying here confused

I have so much going for me right now
I have big goals to fulfill
The Lord has been blessing me
And I am satisfied with the friends that God decided to leave in my life
Along with those he decided to take away
With all my happiness and hunger beginning to get fed
I still can’t help but be mad
I still can’t help but be hurt
I’m not really asking you for much
When we see each other in person, you try so hard
But right now, what I want you to do
Seems to be impossible

Baby, as I gulp from tears falling from my eyes
And I surprise my self with my own vulnerability
All I’m hoping, wishing, and even asking
You to do, Is to


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