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The More Understanding Me


The More Understanding Me I don’t worry about things anymore like I use to. I live life different. I love different and I see the world in a different way… No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I realized that no one owes me a thing. I find myself brushing things off like dust. I […]

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Just Quit it Already

Just Quit it Already

Just Quit it Already Quit crying over mess…. it’s not worth it. Quit letting people walk all over you with their lies…..don’t believe it. Quit shouting to that man who won’t listen…he can’t hear you! Quit worrying about others and worry about yourself… mind your business! Quit acting like you like him when you don’t…he […]

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Fuzzy Image


Let’s take a look Love just seems so far at this moment. No signs of potential and no signs of change. Where is love without settling? But in my mind this fuzzy image of a future with great potential. I see this man that is capable of treating me with the most respect. He is […]

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It Happens


Seeing what we could have had made me envious, But I was beginning to become blind to the reason we didn’t work in the first place. The truth…The truth… It took time for me to come to terms with it. In my eyes I deserved to be treated like a queen. I was not to […]

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Can a Sista Dream?


My dreams are major. I sit and close my eyes wondering, “what is next for me?”. I dream of a better tomorrow. Today was not promised to me and I don’t take that lightly. Why should I? YOLO is what they are saying; “You Only Live Once”. I’m saying, thank you Lord for one more […]

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Things that Last


Can I actually keep things as if they had never changed? Can I choose to close my thoughts temporarily and open them back up once you return? Can I forget what had hurt before to reach a peace of mind? Can I acknowledge what happened and move on? In this case can I change for […]

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Choke hold (Food for Thought)


Messing with the wrong one! Single individual who can’t see the issue. This blurry vision of insecurity has the choke hold over me. Why do we love so hard and block out any other with more potential. Is it the fight that causes us to not surrender to the obvious? The fight is what one […]

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Do uncontrollable circumstances cause repeated struggles? How can one repeatedly struggle and not learn their lesson. It takes strength to change, it takes tolerance to stay stagnant. I can’t keep getting pulled back by another persons’ struggles. We all must grow independent of parents and any other person that has great influence in your life. […]

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Friends definitely come and go quick. It’s not because I’m a terrible friend, it is just that we grow apart. I don’t develop close relationships with many people because I don’t want to let too many people into my personal space. Why should I open myself up to someone in the beginning that will potentially […]

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