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The More Understanding Me

UnderstandingThe More Understanding Me

I don’t worry about things anymore like I use to.
I live life different. I love different and I see the world in a different way…

No weapon formed against me shall prosper.
I realized that no one owes me a thing.
I find myself brushing things off like dust.

I seek positivity,
I excel off good vibes,
I learned life is what you make it,
Worry… why?
There is no worry in the world that can capture my attention.

What works for me?
Instead of immediately answering or responding to negativity,
I take a deep breathe and ignore it.
(in a soft voice) because in reality it’s not worth it
Why should I be mad…Ever?

Justifying what I believe is only worth it if you’re listening.
Listen up! I live!
I live for those beautiful unexpected moments,
The times where my creativity is understood,
The smile I give off to brighten your day!

I love different because the reciprocal is even greater.
I have no reason to make myself upset or be upset about things someone else has done to me.
Being a boss regardless of my circumstances.

My struggle is real and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
If it was easy, how would I appreciate it?!


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