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Friends definitely come and go quick. It’s not because I’m a terrible friend, it is just that we grow apart. I don’t develop close relationships with many people because I don’t want to let too many people into my personal space. Why should I open myself up to someone in the beginning that will potentially hurt me in the end? Paying attention to warning signs in the beginning can potentially block a lot of unnecessary drama. Who wants stressful drama? Not Me! That risk was taken and the reptition isn’t needed. I feel like my all should be preserved for what has been proven. I think highly of myself and I know no one deserves to get hurt. I’m not too big on titles and I don’t call everyone my best friend for many reasons. One reason is getting stuck behind titles; you lose a since of the actual meaning of friendship. People change their minds so fast and want you to adjust to the position they have chose for you. What the heck do I look like choosing to adjust to the control of another other than God? This girl (Me) walks her own path and I decide who I want to deal with. I find myself saying I don’t have time for someone who can’t hold their own and take care of themselves. I truly feel that surrounding yourself with people who can carry themselves and stand strong is what everyone needs in their life. I have been around for a small 20 years but I have seen and experienced things I would never want again. Moving forward and surrounding myself with positive people helps me to keep it moving and adjust. I count the number of friends on my two hands that I can truly say I appreciate and adore. Friends that I will always save a piece of my heart for, I love y’all!


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