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Do uncontrollable circumstances cause repeated struggles? How can one repeatedly struggle and not learn their lesson. It takes strength to change, it takes tolerance to stay stagnant. I can’t keep getting pulled back by another persons’ struggles. We all must grow independent of parents and any other person that has great influence in your life. I would hate to be pulled down by another person because they can’t break free of this comfort zone. I live to bring anew. I live to see change in my life and others. I can’t stay behind with the dirt and trash that presents itself daily. I can’t stay in a place in my life where I see no good. This space in my life that causes me to go through the same struggle has to go. If you are in need of a new job get out there and find one. In need of a new man/relationship stay patient life will bring one to you. God wants to see growth. You should want to seek growth for yourself. I’m looking for stability so that I will not have to struggle. This struggle is a single not a double or a triple. I refuse to go through one struggle and not seek the message God intended for me to see in order to never have to see it again. I’ve been through much struggle but when the same one presents itself I need to take a step back and look at what’s wrong. I was made equipped with all that I needed in life. What is there, blocking me from my blessing? Pray and seek!


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