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Can a Sista Dream?

My dreams are major. I sit and close my eyes wondering, “what is next for me?”. I dream of a better tomorrow. Today was not promised to me and I don’t take that lightly. Why should I? YOLO is what they are saying; “You Only Live Once”. I’m saying, thank you Lord for one more day to prepare me for my purpose; this purpose that I have been trying to figure out for the longest. With God in control of my life, I shall walk right into it because He knows exactly what I was placed here for.
Imagining is what I stick to. I yearn for a circle of positivity. Quietly waiting but never plotting. I know that what goes on in my dreams may or may not become a reality. But can a sister trust and believe? Living without worries; I’m working on it. In my dreams, worries are non-existent. Totally giving up sinful ways and reaching a point of surrender. It’s what I yearn for. I don’t want to be perfect but in my dreams…in my dreams…life is perfect.
Can I not dream that there is good in many people? Can I not say I trust you to the many that I love? In my dreams I can be whatever I want to be, but silly of me to actually believe I’m in control of my life. Silly of me to even think I was responsible for the good in my life. Those were God’s blessings. He created a woman of color who has the potential to do whatever He possibly wants me to do. I would love to be a reflection of Him.


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