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There is Hope for the Future!

How does it feel to break loose of the shackles that trap your mind
with the horrid influences of reality and fantasy?
How do you overcome the day dreams and develop a more realistic environment within yourself?
How do you let go of this thing that has stolen your thoughts and ruptured your goals?
How do you unlock the key to peace of mind?
How do you take back the lost time?

The time you spent relishing over something that you could never consider real
the time wasted mesmerized by something that will never arise
the time pondering an issue that will never be solved
the time asking a question that will never be answered

How does it feel to break loose of the shackles that traps your mind
with horrid loves interest and dangerous times
How do you find that breaking point where you decided you couldn’t take it anymore?
How did you turn it all around once the climax was hit?
How did you make your heart warm again toward another?
How did you learn to trust the world again with your mother, father, sister or brother?

The mother that had been beaten and mistreated
The father that was wrongly accused of a crime he didn’t commit
The sister that got rapped on her way to school
and The brother that was told he was too dumb to attend college

How does it feel to break loose of the shackles that traps your mind with so much pain and struggle as you fight to regain the strength within your own spirituality?
How does it feel to go home again?
How did you find the strength to look past the judgment in their eyes?
How did you go on when you had to let your old friends go?
How did it feel to have the Lord’s arms wrapped around you again?
How was it when you learned that your purpose in life was intertwined amongst the things you sat pondering about all that time?
How did it feel when God brought you through?

There is hope for the future! There is hope for you! There is always a point where everything has to change. Whether that change is positive or negative, easy or complicated; there will be a change and it is up to each individual on this Earth to deal with it.


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