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Things that Last

Can I actually keep things as if they had never changed?
Can I choose to close my thoughts temporarily and open them back up once you return?
Can I forget what had hurt before to reach a peace of mind?
Can I acknowledge what happened and move on?
In this case can I change for the best and potentially better myself?
The answers to these questions were all in my head but I hadn’t figured it out yet. I hadn’t unlocked that part of my brain that can get me to believe that I know what’s best for me.
I spent so much time not forgiving and that was all my time spent.
Leaving it all behind and challenging a better future is what I needed to be doing.
But I was so busy confused in my thoughts.
I wanted so hard to be able to continue through those challenges as if they are normal.
Seeking a peace of mind like a broken record. I’m off and on like iffy people.
I acknowledge that it is hard but what challenge have I not conquered?
I’ve heard it all before. Nah… I honestly, haven’t even heard the half of it.
So much life to live. My fight is only as hard as I make it.
Frustrations don’t even present themselves the way that they use to.
I left but never forgot the many good chapters that occupy my memories.
I can easily forget the bad ones because bad is not what I want to think about.
I know exactly how I need to be treated. I will no longer settle for less.


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