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Trapped in the dark

Moods switched around

Too much wisdom choking me

Half to death

But I can’t let this

Defeat me

Come get me

Lord please just come get me

Vision in my head

Yet no map


Yes im stressed

Cause I can’t seem to get what I thought I scene

On the movie screen

What is happening

Everything opposite from good

When will I realize the purpose

When will I obtain the prize


I cant see

Can’t breathe

People building false hopes around me

Move I can’t see

They blinding me with their green teeth

Jealousy is chewing on me

Trying to take away the sweet spirit they see in me

So they can’t find a difference between them in me

I need more drive

I need more focus

I need to be able to hold an interest without the reinforcement of someone else’s approval

I need to be me


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