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Unspoken Love

My unspoken love for you

My heart bleeds at the thought of your denial

Your lack of compassion

It’s like your lashing

Lashing out against the wonders of the world unspoken

Why can’t you trust me with your heart?

Don’t you see my fascade of strength keeps falling apart

Every time I see you, every time I call you

No one has ever put me in such an emotional trance

One word from you could have me skipping up in down the street eating a lollipop and singing a happy tune

One word from you could send me to a depression so steep my mind, body, and soul won’t even speak

You’ve hooked me in, with your dirty spell casted

I hate that I love you so

I steady deny

And hold my lips tight

Pushing back the tears or leering looks of desire

In an attempt to be as cold as you


That’s what they call you


That’s what fits you

I see right through you

Your strength is just as flawed as mine

Your heart is as kind as mine

But your mind won’t allow you to expose yourself

So you steady dispose yourself

As I slowly cry out in rage

Crawling on my knees hoping and praying

That one day, I’d read from your lips

Those sweet three words that I myself feel

Say it

Say it

Baby please say it



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