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Scared of Being Dumb Again

A kiss is more than a kiss

When there is love behind it

How could you not feel it?

The feelings you had

How could you kill it?

My eyes are burning

From the salty tears

That rage within my eyelids

Fighting to keep from falling

Sharp pains in my chest

Causing stress to my stomach

Breaking down

Sobbing in my pillow

This is what it feels like to be completely heart broken

Dizzy spells

Thoughts running in and out

Blaming you

Blaming me


To finally trust someone enough to fall

And to not be caught makes it very hard

For the next time

I don’t want to be numb

Yet I don’t want to feel this again

But I don’t want to reject the one that won’t reject me

So what shall I become?

Scared of being dumb


I’m so scared of being dumb again

(This Poem is dedicated to anyone that has ever considered giving up on love after taking a leap of faith and falling on your face. God Bless and keep your head up. Take away your lesson and learn from it. Move on, be happy and love despite your fears. Don’t be afraid to love again.)


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