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Love me…

Love stricken but can’t seem to melt away the sadness nor the loneliness.
Once appreciated the free time to myself and found comfort in being left alone.
Respecting my space and morals is a plus.
I just can’t seem to contain my self in keeping a steady grasped on how life can be so much better with my other half.
Who is he? I am curious to know.
Whose rib have I held hostage until we meet again?
Whose heart beats exactly like mine? Where can I find him?
How can I find him? My mouth is dry! I’m thirsty for him.
I want to be intoxicated by his love.
Let him be my Grey Goose and me his Hennessy.
Oh what beautiful scene we’d be, us being seen together in the streets of the D.
Yes indeed we’d be THE couple.
My Christian man and me his Christian woman, cleansing each other of our spiritual impurities and corrupting our negatives into positives.
Oh let me meet him God! I know I got a blessing in him.
God, you never make mistakes, I know you kept him from me.
So when I have matured and have learned what a Dog looks like.
I will have developed the “eye”; the spiritual eye that keeps me living.

Seeing the seasonal versus the life time has made me a woman.
Releasing devilish temptations and flooding them with purified thoughts have made me stronger and more optimistic.

Oh, keep me meek and humble Lord, for a woman with an ego deserves a weak man.
Keep me strong Lord for a weak woman deserves to be taken advantage of.
Keep me smiling Lord for a light that shines from you is a light that shines epidemically.

Love! I Love! I Love Love!

Love is what keeps me moving, shaking and living. It’s like a silky textured chocolate shake made just right cooling from a scorching sun and finally finding some shade.
Love is seen when hate thickens but becomes less overwhelming.
Because love is defined by the one that had the power to say
PEACE…Be Still…


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