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Strong Black Man

Strong Black Man
You are so what I’ve longed for,
Our souls once danced within our individual bodies trying to contain themselves from leaping out and reaching for each other.
For so long and at last we finally meet.
For one step out on faith opened a whole new world of blessings that included bringing me to you.
You hold me close with your gaping eyes that from my viewpoint looks calm, cool, smooth and confident.
Only you know your nerves are shot until you explain in comedic detail later.
Oh how I appreciate the joy that you have just from the sight of me and the surge you bring to my body, when you touch me.
Could this be real?
All I know is from all the hard lessons I had to learn from my past,
I would be a fool not to explore the pleasuring sense of peace exuding from this smooth caramel chocolate that is you.
Love me like I’ve always wanted to be loved.
Care about me as much as I care about humanity and it finally finding peace
Let me take this chance to unveil my vulnerability as my beating heart beats faster and you catch me at a stance I almost refuse to let others
For this is scary
The heart and it’s matters, plays no game
Don’t make a fool of me
Let me be comfortable, let me feel secure
Don’t hurt me.
Just love me.


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