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Blowing Air into My Dreams

Blowing air into my dreams

I’m not a singer, nor a rapper

Not an actor, not even a performer

But I have a story

A story too important to go unshared

In a room left alone

The spotlight’s left for me

So the vessels I call my own

Are here to help you see

I stand here blowing air into my dreams

Blowing air into the wild visions in my head

Making them real to come alive

Blowing air blowing air blowing into my dreams

Oh let me breathe, breathe until you see

Let me exhale until the inhaling can be from me

I love the world’s problems

That’s where I find the moments I cherish the most

The journey seems much more to me

Than the destiny, that I must reach

Yes I must reach

Reach until my heart has filled complete

Reach exhale inhale breathe

The breath of life in me, in my dreams

Make them true, make them heavy

Not meek

I have to see the kind of peace of mind

In mine, in yours

Lets work together and learn from each other

Lets turn it all around and just breathe


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