Weights on your Feet?

What can you do with weights on your feet?

Lugging around baggage like woe is me

There’s a tickle in your soul but you can’t quite leap

To inspire is your desire but you seem to have lost your fire

I gotta know I gotta know

I gotta go I gotta go

I gotta GO, GO, GO


It’s sickens you to get so many no’s when

rich beneficiaries use nepotism and laugh along with your foes and

though you have goals, “you only deserve no’s”

Weights on your Feet?

How you gonna go somewhere with weights on your feet?

Letting folks tell you No

Girl, don’t you know that your special

Can’t nobody take away your God-given wisdom

For some odd reason everybody thinks their supposed to win

But how can you win while you win and you win

It’s something about having just a little bit of intuition

Incite that makes your feelings right about who is right to deal with

I can’t quite figure it out, this world’s spectrum

But somebody’s got to lose

And if you are a natural-born winner you gotta pay your dues

Take the shackles off your own feet

Break the No’s and turn them into fiascoes

of small wishes and actions that didn’t work

until you manifest the idea and event that you were made to search for

Who are they to give you weight?

Who are you to put them on your feet?

Keep moving girl

Cause every No is driven to deliver

The Pie that the Boomers longed for

The Pie of peace, love, and success

Can’t forget money

I don’t care what generation you are in

Money holds weight

Good weight

Bad weight

The secret intuition that rest in my soul advises that you don’t put money on your feet

Heavy or not heavy sheets of green, fly away easy

Don’t be greedy for the paper

for the value is what you are really searching for

The Friendship, The fun, The Laughs, The Crys, The Family, The Support

Sad when people think that money can buy all that

Don’t you know you don’t need a dime for that?

Success is that

So as you work hard to reach your goals make sure you find some folk to work with you

to trust as friends,

to have fun discovering new ideas with

to crack jokes with

to make light of the sad struggles that attempt to bring tears to your eyes

Work closely with people until you formed a family tighter than few have ever been born with

Though people sometimes can’t stand people

Along with that bond you form through the struggles

comes the supportive network that shows love no matter what new projects

you have in mind to produce.

Sky’s the limit?


Take the weights off your feet

Whose to say we can’t go beyond the heavens, knock on the door, and say Hello God!

I’m here!


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