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The pressure to express…

To have so much to say and say nothing

Doesn’t it make you feel worthless?

To dream so big and never attempt to take action

Don’t you feel purposely?

To try and try only to end up crying

Doesn’t it feel like a force is stopping you?

To act and still not make it happen

Doesn’t it make you question your destiny?

To live or not to live

What a perplexing reality

Veins throbbing with contemplation and devastation

Release the anxiety and conceive purpose for this journey


Scream!! Cus!! Slap Somebody!!!

Make your existence known

Release yourself and become boundless

Run, run

Hide no longer

Run and make a sudden commotion


Don’t let nobody trip you

But if they trip

You get back up and start running again

Release the bull …ish




@MsJaneThang is actually Kristen Hayman, the founder of Jane Thang Productions, LLC. She is a Strong, Empowered & Classy young woman that writes poetry and stories that speak to the heart.

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