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Martin Bryant Interview

Martin Bryant
Martin Bryant

Who are you?

My name is Martin Bryant, I am Strong, Empowered and Classy.

What do you do?

I am a writer/poet/author.  I write inspirational and spiritual poetry and articles.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about inspiring and encouraging people including myself.  My writing is geared towards telling a story on inspiration and how we can overcome any obstacle we face, regardless of the circumstance.

Strength refers to the quality or state of being strong; bodily or muscular power; vigor; mental power, force; moral power, firmness, courage; power by reason of influence, authority, resources, numbers, etc. What makes you strong? Tell us how it strengthens you.

Being a father makes me strong.  I have seen pain and suffering first hand when my twins we born premature.  They were kept at the hospital for 4 months after birth.   Seeing them and knowing how far they have come 5 years later strengthens me knowing that if lil kids can make it, so can I.  Believing that they would make it, has strengthened my faith.

Martin BryantEmpowerment refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social, educational, gender, or economic strength of individuals and communities. Where does your sense of empowerment derive from?

My sense of Empowerment is rooted in my faith and spirituality.  I believe that we can be empowered, encouraged and inspired by what the Bible teaches us.  My empowerment comes directly from my unyielding faith and belief in God.

Classy refers to being elegant, stylish; having or reflecting high standards of personal behavior; admirably skillful and graceful. How important is it to maintain a sense of class in your life or field?

Classy or having class is important in all walks of life because it shows you have a sense of pride about yourself.  Having a

Martin Bryant
Martin Bryant

sense of class, or being classy means you can adapt to your surroundings and have confidence , and be comfortable in your own skin.

Life is truly a journey. Are you proud of where and who you are right now? Why?

I may not be proud of everything that has occurred in my life, that of a negative nature was a result of my doing, but I am proud of where I’ve come from and who I am right now.  Through different things I have endured, I am proud of how I have matured spiritually.

If you had the opportunity to speak for the masses, what would you say?

If I had an opportunity to speak to the masses or to a few, I would encourage them to have a spiritual foundation and to fully understand that they can be empowered to conquer anything that stands in their way.  I would inspire them to accomplish their goals or at least try.  I would encourage them to be the best them they can be.

Please list webpage or blog links:

My website:


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