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Patrice K. Cokley Interview

Patrice K. Cokley
Patrice K. Cokley

Who are you?

My name is Patrice K. Cokley, and I am Strong, Empowered and Classy.

What do you do?

I’m the Founder and Chief Strategist of The Bassline Group, an agency that helps entertainers and creatives with identifying their brand, and then developing a marketing strategy that resonates with their targeted audience. I’m also a marketing consultant that speaks, consults and teaches digital marketing.

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about inspiring and encouraging people to embrace what makes them unique and use it to their advantage when marketing their talent. If I was to hone in on a particular industry, my passion would rest with the creative arts; whether it is visual artists or recording artists. I love how one can tell a story through art that touches our senses.

Strength refers to the quality or state of being strong; bodily or muscular power; vigor; mental power, force; moral power, firmness, courage; power by reason of influence, authority, resources, numbers, etc. What makes you strong? Tell us how it strengthens you.

Being alive and well is what makes me strong and I’m strengthened by it daily. I’ve experienced a lot in my 30+ years of living; including multiple deaths of immediate family members, bad relationships, and the feeling of being lost within myself. I use to admire those who exuded courage to overcome life’s obstacles, even if it included relocating  to another state, alone. Now I’m one of them; someone who consistently overcome obstacles and adversity all to make my dreams come true.

Patrice K. Cokley
Patrice K. Cokley

Empowerment refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social, educational, gender, or economic strength of individuals and communities. Where does your sense of empowerment derive from?

My sense of empowerment comes from my faith, and those who have came before me. As Kevin Hart stated in his interview with Oprah Winfrey, everyone has laid out a blueprint. All of the great people who have found success at the very thing that you’re trying to achieve, has laid out some kind of blueprint. The stories of those who have came before me and that I admire from afar empowers me. They represent the possibility.

Classy refers to being elegant, stylish; having or reflecting high standards of personal behavior; admirably skillful and graceful. How important is it to maintain a sense of class in your life or field?

Patrice K. Cokley
Patrice K. Cokley

Maintaining a sense of class both personally and professionally is extremely important. Sadly, having class is becoming a lost art within our community, which can very well lead to missed opportunities. Having class starts from loving yourself enough to respect yourself as well as others. Class, or the lack thereof, is a sign of character and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Life is truly a journey. Are you proud of where and who you are right now? Why?

Great question. I’m very proud of my accomplishments personally, professionally, and academically. But it is true that life is a journey. Being the Virgo that I am, I’m always finding ways to improve and become better than the person I was yesterday. The journey of personal growth should stop when the journey of life ends.

If you had the opportunity to speak for the masses, what would you say?

If I had the opportunity to speak to the masses, which I have, quite a few times, I would encourage them to embrace what makes them unique. Being different is normal, and it is okay. In a world where it appears that we’re forced to conform and to be something that we’re not to attract attention, I try to show others that you can be successful by just simply being you.

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Twitter: @PatriceKCokley


Twitter @TheBasslineGrp

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