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Taren Guy Present’s Luv & Learn Your Hair Tour Chicago

Taren Guy
Taren Guy

So it was officially my birthday weekend and I got to start it off by meeting one of my biggest hair idols, Taren Guy at her first stop on the Luv & Learn Your Hair Tour, sponsored by Motions Salon Haircare! Can you believe I got to interview her before the start of the event?!! We chatted for a bit before starting the interview and she was so sweet, so real, down to earth and such a fellow Virgo! I definitely let her know that my birthday is on the 15th of September and everyone knows her youtube tag is @taren916 so she told me “Oh, that’s the day before my birthday!” and we both smiled and laughed as she has been so busy, that it could be easy to forget that her birthday was so close by. I believe she’s going to enjoy turning a year older especially with the relief in knowing that she threw a very successful event in her first visit to Chicago! I just loved getting a chance to talk to her and getting her perspective on Strength, Empowerment, & Class. I’m very inspired by this interview, check it out!

This event had a massive turnout; beautiful women of color came together to embrace their natural beauty in a very uplifting atmosphere. Cocktail hour in the front lobby of The Castle, 632 N. Dearborn St, was filled with curly, straight, coily, wavy hair with diversity in styles, colors, and lengths. Everyone was so positive and excited to meet other naturals and just talk about the highs and lows of hair, beauty, and fashion. Early arrivals were awarded gift bags full of Motion’s hair care products! I received their NEW Smoothing Conditioner, Moisturizing Cleanser, and Deep Conditioning Masque from their “naturally you!” line. I can’t wait to partake in these delectables and hopefully I get the same beautiful results that multi-cultural hair stylist, Jennifer-Rose got after using the same products in the Motion’s hair models’ tresses. I got to mingle with fellow Chicago bloggers, @naturalista86, @lindseymadams, @modelwalks just as Taren Guy hit the stage. She discussed loving and embracing our own hair, no matter the texture because as we all concluded, every hair type has something to gripe about. Embracing who you are naturally, inspires others to do the same and even cause them to appreciate you as a person more. Between breaks there were raffles and more gift bag prizes, more mingling, cocktail sipping, and salad and pasta eating! Shout out to Shani Brown, designer and founder of True Blessyn and no stranger to this blog who was also fashionably in attendance! After showing our hair some Luv, next we had to Learn. The learning portion came with a presentation from Jennifer-Rose as she talked about how she loves working with the coarser texture, for it brings her creative bug to life as she has more options and abilities to cut, mold, straighten, color, and twist it out; all while maintaining the health of the hair! Got to enjoy having options.

Later, the panel discussion began and it included, @tarenguy, Chicago’s own, Monroe Sisters: @msvaughntv and @meechymonroe; @himay10nence, and @jenniferrosenyc. Let me tell you, that discussion got so real! Nakisha Smith, @himay10nence is a riot, she most definitely speaks out loud with confidence, the thoughts that the fearful leave unsaid. I enjoyed each and every one of the panelist perspectives. I thought that it was well balanced and I walked away with a few ah ha moments. I grew up in a community where the majority of women of color believed the straighter the strands are, the better hair. Often times, within the panel discussion, the women were showing a lot of love to the 4c or coarser hair texture, merely for all of the potential styling it holds. I thought that was amazing. Before the closing of the event, models were selected from the crowd to participate in an impromptu fashion show which was lovely. As Alexis Jay, the on site manager who did a fantastic job coordinating this wonderful event, emcee’d the runway, each and every girl selected brought the fierceness through their hair and style as they strutted to the stage, basking in each of their shinning moments. This event was phenomenal and I walked away feeling not only well informed and inspired, but the gift bags filled with full size bottles of Motions hair products and interviewing Taren Guy made this night one to remember!

Always Remember to Stay Inspired!

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