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TEW2 Launch Party

TEW2 Launch Party

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On Saturday, August 9, 2014 I was graced with the opportunity to work on the Social Media Team at “The Entrepreneur Within You 2” Book Launch Party! The Strong, Empowered, & Classy Project’s own and #secproject shirt designer, Julie M. Hollway hosted a wonderful event in the patio space at Bites Asian Tapas in Chicago. The patio area was transformed into a dreamers paradise filled with inspiring portraits that read “Dreams are Real” and tables with large umbrellas that gave us cool shade against the beaming sunshine. This environment made me happy and the fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs engulfing me with pure enthusiasm made me even happier. I was in my element. I was with my kind of people. The diverse crowd of entrepreneurs sat among each other trading business cards, taking pictures, buying the TEW2 book and supporting the vendors all while dabbling into the complimentary appetizers that were served throughout the event. It was amazing! Halfway through the beginning of the event, the first round of panel discussions started. Each panel hosted the authors of the TEW2 book. Each writer had their own chapter with their own powerful story to share with their readers. The power of collaboration became so much more apparent to me after listening to the discussions and learning how each person was a key component to the completion of the second volume of the Entrepreneur Within You franchise. Below are the tweets I sent out during the panel discussion:

First Round:

Second Round:

@MsJaneThang & Julie M. Holloway

Overall, I truly enjoyed myself and this event! So far the #TEW2 book really has inspired me to set core values for my business and my personal brand. I’ve also been taught to look at my experimentation and learning experiences with running my business as numerous opportunities to “fail up”.  I still have a few more chapters to go before I’m finished reading so keep a look out for my in-depth book review post coming in next month.




Find out how to purchase your copy of The Entrepreneur Within You book, Volumes 1 & 2, by visiting the following websites:

Always Remember to Stay Inspired! -@MsJaneThang

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