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The Diary of Christopher LeMark


On Sunday, August 25, 2013, I took a road trip to Kenosha, Wisconsin to attend The Diary of Christopher LeMark along with my friends at  At the Historical Kemper Center Simmons Auditorium, Christopher LeMark hit the stage to share his story in an intimate unplugged performance with the help of Team Yellow, Jimmy Chaos the violinist and Band Focus. WGCI’s own comedian Leon Rogers hosted the event and kept the crowd laughing as he explained his frustrations on driving to Kenosha and getting lost on the way to the show.  In good spirits he showed much love and support to Christopher LeMark, members of the audience and one former intern, Akisha Lockhart of, as he hosted this very powerful show. I was very excited to be in attendance! From the shorter performances that I have witnessed Christopher LeMark perform in the past, I knew the music and message would take hold of me and send me into a delectable trance of reflection, pain, sorrow and redemption.   Dedicated to the lives of  Momma J, Momma Deborah, Terrance and Godson, The Diary did just that. Starting with Team Yellow singer, Shyann singing “Welcome to my Diary…and all of you inspire me…all I ever wanted was a family…Where’s my mommy? Where’s my daddy?…Where’s my sister?…Where’s my family?…Welcome to my Diary…Welcome to my Diary!”. Her high notes and strong vocal abilities sent chills to my body as the weight of the lyrics set the tone. From there the journey began and Christopher LeMark stepped in.  As soon as he hit the stage the energy in the room became lively as his heart leaped out of his chest and he murdered the mic with heavy yet upbeat lyrics. “…this love is so amazing! I’ve been persuaded! You’re hands is waving!” My hand were definitely waving! It took everything for me to not drop my camera and jump up! At one point in the show he spoke about leaving a mark on the earth and pushing somebody to be greater than yourself and defined the term retro, as meaning “everything in the past means nothing” You learn quickly that he leads by example as you witness the beep boxing, rapping, rhythm & blues, live instrumentation, and soul that the young artist of Team Yellow brought to the forefront as Christopher LeMark’s diary was written passionately into our membranes. We excepted the impact as we knodded our heads to the beats and rocked in out seats. It’s just another one of those things that you just had to experience. Next time you see the name, Christopher LeMark or even YellowHCA, act like you want to quench your thirst for great music and solid lyrical content from young talented artist with a truly motivational story to tell and get a ticket to the SHOW! I’m still rocking from intensity just thinking about it! The rawness of music; good music! It changes thangs! Check out the pictures from my experience in the video above!

Always Remember to Stay Inspired!

– @MsJaneThang

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