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Go see the film, DOPE!

DOPESo I finally saw the movie, DOPE! I know…I’m so late but AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Where do I start??! Stop reading this if you haven’t seen it yet! Just go watch it!!! That movie was just delicious. I mean it actually tasted good. It was almost more satisfying than the salty-sweetness from eating buttered popcorn with chocolate Raisinets on top.

From the fusion of the 90’s west coast hip hop era to the modern day flare of cool geeks inspired by Pharrell; it just felt good. ASAP Rocky killed his role; I mean I actually think I like him now. Swag! Set in Los Angeles, watching this film visually brought you back to movies like Boys in the Hood, South Central, Menace to Society, Jason’s Lyric, Baby Boy, Friday and The Wood. You know what I mean? It brought you that surviving the hood story in an intelligent modern way that was refreshingly not corny at all. Did you see the STACEY character from the Wood??!! What?!!! I was sold!! People who really care about Hip Hop and it’s legacy took hold of the responsibility of this movie and how it portrayed the culture and I can dig it! #Lilbylike was so hilarious yet terrifyingly relevant! Zoe Kravitz, the perfect blend of her parents Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz, gave me the raw element that the character Denise wasn’t fully allowed to be in the Cosby Show. In playing Nakia, Zoe Kravitz had the opportunity to play a dark wondrous and sexy character yearning for better, similar to Jada Pinkett Smith’s character, Lyric in Jason’s Lyric. I loved how Malcolm’s cute awkwardness and high top fade reminded me of the one Sean Nelson wore playing Young Mike in The Wood. I also loved witnessing his friendships with Diggy, a beautiful young stud whose character breaks barriers because her story is rarely told in black films and Jib who claims he was 15% black so he was free to say the N word. They unapologetically said the N word a lot in this movie. (sigh) This movie was EPIC! It was COMPLICATED! It was DOPE!! I don’t want to give too much more away so I’ll stop here cause i know you are still reading this even though I told you not to. This movie was clearly created by forward thinkers that just get it! You can tell Producer Forest Whitaker and Executive Producer Pharrell Williams breathed all over this production. Brilliant! What a blend! I’m inspired! Go Watch It if you haven’t already and go watch it again if you have! 🙂

Always Remember to Stay Inspired! – @MsJaneThang

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