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Intimate Words

Met some incredible people and gained a lot of inspiration while attending the @_IntimateWords_ event last Tuesday, July 26, 2012! Located in The Silver Room in Chicago, the creative energy was high in one the hippest boutiques in Wicker Park. Poets, singers, rappers, producers, artist and listeners sat in the intimate circle to enjoy not only poetry and spoken word but to also participate in deep discussions on topics that range from sex, hip hop in Chicago, and headlining news like the the Colorado “Dark Knight” shooting. The level of sophistication, intelligence, and passion for ones’ craft in the atmosphere made me feel like I was amongst young world leaders. Talking about Strong, Empowered and Classy!! The men and woman that attended this event were eloquent, confident, secure, and truly gifted. This poetry event is not like others you may have experienced and my words can never do it justice; you truly had to be there. Don’t miss another one. So far, they have been shooting for every third Tuesday of each month. If this changes, I will definitely be posting updates on our new “Events You Should Attend” calendar. Shout out to Ebone’ McCloud for being an awesomely warm host, to @DariaBlaq for her beautiful singing voice and @1ndigoBlue for keeping the music popping and beats flowing! You ladies are truly inspirational. Stay Strong, Empowered, and Classy! -@MsJaneThang

More pics from this event can be found here: