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Sex, Love, & Relationships (Chicago)

Sex, Love, & RelationshipsOn Thursday, October 24, 2012 at 8pm, I attended the Sex, Love, & Relationships (#SLR) Event and got to witness the power duo that is Christopher LeMark and Akisha Lockhart of in action. The topics alone can peak the interest of any nervous system but the panel discussions at this event could shake you to the core and have you squirming in your seat. Sex, Love, & Relationships exposed a lot of truths that people like to keep hidden. Sex, Love, & RelationshipsAs Christopher LeMark shared his own stories with the audience, you could feel the room making transitions from the fairy tale images they like to make others believe about themselves to exposing their personal reality with each nod of agreement. The atmosphere became safe. It became real. Christopher LeMark reminded us that his truth, no matter how raw it was, was not to be judged but appreciated as his testimony that may in turn help someone else. This event really opened my eyes on the power of storytelling. We all have reached a point where we have had very dark days and when we have finally overcome our challenges of those dark days, we sometimes, only tell people part of the story.

Sex, Love & Relationships Event
Popacorn Popcorn at the Sex, Love & Relationships Event

We sort of create our own little fairytale and that in turn misleads the listeners in need of your truth for guidance on how to surpass their own challenges. Get it? Basically, I’m telling you to think twice before you gossip about someone that has shared their deep inner most secrets with you because life is not a fairy tale. Sex, love and relationships in 2012 are not open book situations right now. Everyone has their own reality. Everyone has their own truth. What is yours? I can go on and on about this event because even though it seemed to go so quick, many layers of inspiration came out of these discussions. Over all, I had a great time, sipping on some wine every time I heard something deep, rocking back and fourth in my seat as I was delivered a healthy portion of insight on how men really think. If you know me, you already know I love to eat and yes I stuffed my mouth with all of the delicious desserts and treats. As the sweet smell of Popacorn Popcorn loomed in the air people couldn’t contain themselves from making a purchase to support the dream.

Near the end of the show panel, we were serenaded by the lovely Kamilah Sumner who brought down the house with her vocal range and cool demeanor. We couldn’t end the show before hearing a few powerful bars from Christopher LeMark himself, who served as emcee the entire night with poise and he eventually opened up the room for a bonus freestyle collaboration, which was sort of like a brilliant musical cypher where all the artist in the room were welcome to join in. This is one I can’t explain; you truly had to be there to witness this beautiful treat! Shout out to the Strong, Empowered, & Classy lady in the red dress, Akisha Lockhart of AINIOM for welcoming me with open arms as she covered the #SLR event. I truly had an amazing time! There is supposed to be another Sex, Love, & Relationships event coming out in a different location. I will be sure to share the information as soon as I get it! You don’t want to miss the next one!

Check out more pictures from this awesome event here. Always Remember to Stay Inspired! -@MsJaneThang

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