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She’s Gotta Show: Chase Adams Interview


Part 1:

AINIOM’s Akisha Lockhart interviews the young basketball sensation, Chase Adams.  This shoot was very inspiring because we got to shoot the interview in Chase’s home. His beautiful family warmly welcomed us all in and made the environment very comfortable. Chase’s father had arranged all of his son’s trophies in a grand display near the window of the front living room floor. They even cleared out a room, that I would say is usually their dining room since it had a big crystal chandelier handing low. I loved this space. It was bright and open and both Akisha and Chase seemed to glow in it. One lesson I will take away from this shoot though, is better preparation for potential audio issues. The location was pretty but I wasn’t yet equipped to take on the operaist room filled with echoed sound. I WASN’T READY!! (Kevin Hart voice) But now I am. Lesson well learned. I still think this episode turned out great. I got to be in the presence of a flying star and his charisma, charm, wit, and his respect for himself and his family made me love him even more. This young man is going places and I just know his family will keep him grounded and supported in love along the way. I’m so inspired! Check out Part 1 above, and look below for Part 2 and the Chase Adams All Access video where we get to tour room to see his shoe collection.

Chase Adams


Part 2:

Chase Adams All Access:

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