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She’s Gotta Show: Jacob Williams Interview


AINIOM’s Akisha Lockhart interviews comedian Jacob Williams. This was a funny one for more reasons than one! We planned to shoot this interview outside of Jokes & Notes but it was raining outside when we pulled up at the scheduled call time. So we all decided to wait it out and walked over to a nearby restaurant. I love to eat so I proudly went over to order a burger and fries! That day I was wearing a long floral sundress with my hair in what some naturals would call a pineapple or an updo puff! I was standing near the side waiting for my order when a guy walked over and said, “you look…..you look……soulful,” I said…”soulful….I like that”. I walked away grinning cause I love a compliment and that one was different. While the rain poured outside we all sat near the window and chatted with Jacob. He said he was from Louisville so I had to get his take on the correct pronunciation. LOU-VILLE OR LOUIE-VILLE??! Akisha ends up saying it correctly in the interview! Check it out and enjoy! 🙂

Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams


Make sure you check out Jacob on Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out on MTV2!

Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams & @MsJaneThang

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