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She’s Gotta Show: Lil Rel Interview


Part 1:

AINIOM’s Akisha Lockhart interviews Lil Rel Howery for her talk show, She’s Gotta Show! In this episode, Chicago native Lil Rel shares his blueprint to success and his role in truTV’s new sketch comedy Friends of the People.  We shot this interview at the Drop Chicago lounge in Lincoln Park. It was a nice and cozy atmosphere with beautiful art on the walls. Akisha and Lil Rel sat on a nice plush chocolate brown couch as Lil Rel captivated us all with his cool stories about his encounters with some of the Wayans brothers, working on the attempted revival of the In Living Color sketch comedy show, and bonding moments with his fellow cast mates and executive producers of Friends of the People. This interview is one of my favorites so far for multiple reasons. First, I feel we have made huge improvements on the sound quality. It was a combination of the environment, the handheld mics and the tones of the talent that made it easier to mix this episode. Second, I really love how the shots look. The lighting graciously provided by the Drop turned out great. It gave off a sultry underground look that I really dig. It sort of reminded me of old school hip hop shows like 106 & Park, when A.J. and Free were the host and Rap City: The Basement hosted by Big Tigger. I know we were interviewing a comedian but Lil Rel’s down to earth vibe and his willingness to share intimate details to inspire our viewers reminded me of what we loved about the old hip hop shows that I listed. The REALNESS. I’m so glad I was able to capture the powerful moments of this interview with a clean edit and strong audio. After shooting this interview, I remembered just how powerful your words can be. No matter what you are going through, you must speak life into your atmosphere! Learn what Lil Rel Howery overcame and what he spoke into existence by watching parts 1 through 4.

You can find Lil Rel on tru TV’s NEW sketch comedy Friends Of The People which premiered on October 28th.

Lil Rel

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4: Lil Rel lists his top 10 favorite comedians.  


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