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She’s Gotta Show S2: DJ TIMBUCK2 Interview


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AINIOM’s Akisha Lockhart interviews DJ Timbuck2 for her talk show, She’s Gotta Show! In this episode, Heavy Hitter Timbuck2 from Chicago’s #1 Hip Hop and R&B radio station, 107.5 WGCI, speaks openly about the art of being a disk jockey and his background in the industry. He also shares a few tips on how not to annoy or plainly disrespect your local DJ. The studio room of the Scratch DJ Academy was fitting for the intimate conversation of one of Chicago’s most talent hip hop heads. I liked shooting this one. I wished we had more lighting this day but we made do with what we had and the moody tones of the room created a nice vibe that merged well with the interview. Timbuck2 had such a strong presence that I was low-key nervous for the first few minutes of meeting him. His presence demanded respect and professionalism but as he warmed up to us, he had us a little less on edge and laughing at his sarcastic jokes. At one point he read my shirt out-loud and you know I had to pose with one hand on my hip to model my shirt and I said, “yes, I am Strong, Empowered, & Classy”. He seemed to appreciate that so I definitely loved that moment lol. Timbuck2 shared some really cool stories in this interview. Check out all 6-parts here!


DJ Timbuck2

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