Kristen Hayman

#UpgradingMyself: Embracing

#UpgradingMyself: Embracing my quiet nature and my Virgo traits. No longer limping on the broken limb of old insecurities. I don’t fret over the consequences of coming off as a stuck up know it all or even out of touch. Finally acknowledging my natural stardom and correcting people when they’re wrong even if they don’t want to deal with me. I’m speaking my truth and killing the dark shades of blues that once swept over me. The shady shadows where whispers live; spoken from who I knew were never my friends. I’m different now. I’m not afraid to seemingly walk alone. God is always with me. I don’t need your validation, it’s so unnecessary. My wit, my charm, and my genuine heart man…you can’t tear me down.

Hi, I’m Kristen Hayman. I am Strong, Empowered & Classy.


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