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#UpgradingMyself – Steak Wrap Recipe

Hey Strong, Empowered and Classy People! I haven’t posted a new recipe in such a long time!! I shall do better! Last year my non-stop mantra and hash-tag was “#DreamersWin” and it has spilled over to 2014 because I love the both positive and productive energy it has brought me! As a daily affirmation, I was able to shut down old myths of a dreamer not being a doer and allowed the dreamer concept to evolve into a passionate visionary that forces ideas into fruition!


Something new I have added to my mantra is the idea of Upgrading myself! I recall dating a guy, who at one time jokingly said, he was going to “upgrade me” and that instantly triggered my inner Jay-Z: “How you gon’ upgrade me, What’s higher than number one?…” lol. We don’t talk anymore but he did inspire me to look at myself and ask, “Am I really living up to my own personal standards of Strength, Empowerment, & Class?”

This year you will see me explore the idea, with heavy use of the hash-tag,  #UpgradingMyself through my

Money Habits,


Food Choices,



Physical Appearance

Communication Techniques

and Demeanor.

Starting with Money Habits and Food Choices, I have decided to stop eating out as much as I did last year. I wasting so much money just being lazy! It is so easy to spend $10-$20 just on a basic meal in the restaurants of Chicago, so I have made it a goal to not eat out more than two times a week. This forces me to not eat out on the days I go to work and leaves me with the pleasure of treating myself on at least one of my off days to dine at one of my favorite restaurants. The other one is for the emergencies where I forget to make a lunch or don’t have enough leftovers. I also try not to spend more than $65 -$100 every time I go to the grocery store. I’m only feeding myself for the most part so this hasn’t been too difficult. I have to be very careful when stocking up on fruits, vegetables and meats, but the Walmart grocery store near me has been doing me right for my pocket book and my health kick.

Steak Wrap Recipe

Today I’m going to share a simple steak wrap that I made for dinner one night and was able to have leftovers for lunch at work! Making enough food for leftovers saves you a lot more money than you initially realize and it is a lot healthier just because I know I would just run down stairs to buy something from a greasy food truck or even a boring sandwich place nearby.  My simple steak wrap is a lot more exciting and tastier than that! Check out my recipe!

Steak Wrap Recipe

Serving: 1-2

Steak Wrap Recipe
Cherry Tomatoes and Cilantro

Ingredients: 1-4 soft & tender flour tortilla wraps,  1 lb of Steak Strips Beef, colby and monterey jack finely shredded cheese, small batch of cherry tomatoes sliced in half, cilantro, 1/2 cup of Minced Onion, olive oil, 1 tsp of salt, 1 tsp of garlic pepper, 1 tsp of montreal steak seasoning by McCormick, A-1 steak sauce, mild taco sauce, & bacon ranch dressing


1. Wash steak strips in cold water

2 Place steak strips in a large skillet

2. Add seasoning (salt, garlic pepper, Montreal steak seasoning) to the meat

3. Add the onion and pour a little olive oil in the skillet

4. Start cooking at medium temperature

5. Stir and turn to all sides until the meat is brown and no longer pink on the inside (I eat well down beef but everyone has their preference), then turn down the heat to low temperature

6. Stir and flip in 2 teaspoons of A-1 sauce and add a spoon full of mild taco sauce to create a warm savory sauce over the meat

Steak Wrap Recipe

7.  You can choose to warm up your wrap in the oven at a temperature of 400 degrees or leave the wrap room temperature

8. You can choose to place the shredded cheese on the wrap before you place it in the oven to melt or place the cheese on the wrap and then place the hot finished steak strips on top of the cheese to let the meat melt it.

Steak Wrap Recipe

9. Add sliced cherry tomatoes and cilantro on top

Steak Wrap Recipe

10. Add some bacon ranch dressing, and mild taco sauce on top

Steak Wrap Recipe

11. Wrap up all of the delicious ingredients and enjoy!

Steak Wrap Recipe

I can eat about two or three of these in one sitting depending on how hungry I am. Using a pound of meat and maybe having a side of rice gets me full and able to have leftovers. I have been using a lot of cilantro in my meals lately. Look up the health benefits for yourself and you will understand why! I hope you enjoy the recipe! Feel free to send me pics of your remix version lol Repeat after me: “I am Strong, Empowered, & Classy!”. Love ya!

Always Remember to Stay Inspired! – @MsJaneThang

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