#UpgradingMyself:New Car

#UpgradingMyself: My New Car

#‎UpgradingMyself‬: My New Car Cavi and I have been through so much. She was my first car. The one I saved up for all summer working as a hostess at Nikola’s restaurant and babysitting at a daycare. I wanted to drive back to school for my sophomore year of college at MSU. I had a vision …

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Stuart Scott

Rest In Peace Stuart Scott

I remember when I was little and didn’t know much about sports and I would cringe every time I heard my daddy yelling, screaming, stomping, loud clapping, talking mess and laughing! He would do that whether he had his friends over or even if he was sitting up there by himself; just shaking up the …

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Events Shows/Projects

The Holiday Experience

On Sunday, December 14, 2014, I showed up to MCL Chicago to attend “Benard Holcomb and Will Liverman present The Holiday Experience”. I was excited about this event because not only do I consider these two beautifully talented opera singers my friends but they hired me to be their photographer and flyer designer to help …

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